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Casas in Baracoa Cuba


Baracoa means "sea life", this beautiful town is also known as a city landscape, city water and city of the mountains is surrounded by mountains of virgin vegetation, a unique flora and fauna for the enjoyment of visitors, its rivers are attractions for the crystallinity of the water, including the Toa River and the Rio Yumurí. It was the first town founded by the Spanish crown making it the oldest city in Cuba, it is declared a National Monument.

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Casa Isabel Garrido in Baracoa

Casa Isabel Garrido has 3 rooms for rent in a good location in Baracoa, each room with air conditioning, private bathroom with hot water, among other amenities. Isabel cook delicious (read more)

Casa Denny y Rafaela in Baracoa

At Rupert López Street #86 in Baracoa people can find Casa Denny y Rafaela, a house with 2 air-conditioned rooms for rent, each room with private bathroom with hot water system. Hosts (read more)