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Casas in Puerto Esperanza Cuba


Puerto Esperanza is a small coastal town founded in 1860, is located on the north coast of Cuba in Pinar del Rio province about 140 kilometers west of Havana and just 24 km from Vinales. Nowadays this is a beautiful place, a fishing village where you can really enjoy an abundance of nature, the beach is a fishing port but may be the ideal place to from there, to visit adjacent keys such as Cayo Levisa or Cayo Jutias in Santa Lucia at 35 km, there you can do horseback riding along the beach and surrounding. To get at Puerto Esperanza the traveler needs to rent a car or hire a taxi, another option is to travel by bus from Havana to Vinales and from there take a taxi to Puerto Esparanza.

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Casa Teresa  in Puerto Esperanza

Casa Teresa in Puerto Esperanza is located on 4th Street #8, the house has 3 rooms with all the conditions for a good stay, air conditioning and private bathroom with hot water, also (read more)

Casa Maribel in Puerto Esperanza

Casa Maribel in Puerto Esperanza, 25km north of Viñales, where you can breathe pure air of the sea and a quiet place to rest, the house has 2 air-conditioned rooms with private (read more)

Villa Wendy in Puerto Esperanza

New build with bar and restaurant in the same building. Located in a quiet location in Puerto Esperanza city entrance, a small fisherman's town. One room with air conditioning, hot (read more)