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Casas in Remedios Cuba


The city of Remedios was one of the first villages founded by Spanish colonizers in the XVI century. Its foundation took place on May 3, 1513, but in the beginnings it was a private property of Vasco Porcallo de Figueroa, a Spanish conqueror, a man with enough influence in court and among the main representatives of the monarchy in America, to give himself the prerogative to make of that small village and the surroundings areas, his private lands, with no government, until a few years later when it first district council was formed, becoming the eighth Cuban village from then on.

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Hostal El Chalet Jorge y Gisela in Remedios

"Hostal El Chalet", owned by George and Gisela, is a comfortable home built in 1950 located on Calle Brigadier Gonzalez # 29 between Independence and José Antonio Peña, Remedios Villa (read more)

Casa Haydee y Juan K in Remedios

Casa Haydee y Juan K is located on Calle Jose Antonio Pena # 73 between Maceo and La Pastora Remedios, Villa Clara Cuba. It has two air-conditioned rooms with private bathrooms with (read more)

Hostal la Estancia in Remedios

At 45 km from Santa Clara City travelers can find "Hostal La Estancia" in Remedios. The house is located at 50 meters from the central Plaza of the town. San Juan de los Remedios is (read more)

Hostal La Paloma in Remedios

Hostal "La Paloma" is a colonial house built in 1875, with borders of colored ceramics, large rooms and marble floors invites you to go back in time and open their shutters with (read more)

Hostal Omara Carrillo in Remedios

Hosts rent a room with private bathroom. It has 2 double beds for 4 persons (2 adults and 2 children under 18 years). The room is very spacious and comfortable, with a large window (read more)

Hotal La Francia in Remedios

Hostal La Francia is located one block from the main colonial plaza of San Juan de los Remedios. La Francia is committed to providing the best in customer service and accommodations at (read more)