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Currency in Cuba CUC

Currencys used in Cuba are the CUP and the CUC, at present 1 CUC +- 24 CUP, this may vary at diferent provinces of the island. The more used for the customer and the one that he will have to pay in hostels, hotels, bars, markets, discotheques, to take a taki is the CUC ( 1 Euro +- 1,40 CUC ). When travelers arrive to the airport can change their money to Cuban CUP or CUC. All the country goes by the same currency exchange rate. The different benches, CADECAS(Houses of Changes) exist in all the country. At this section We will update the values of different currencys according to the Central Bank of Cuba. Central Bank of Cuba Web Site

Pound   GBP   1.5937
Canadian Dollar   CAD   1.0375
Franco Suizo   CHF   1.2053
Yen Japan (*)   JPY   1.2593
USA Dollar   USD   1.0000
Mexican   MXP   0.0825
Danish Crown   DKK   0.1882
Norwegian Crown   NOK   0.1795
Swedish Crown   SEK   0.1528
Euro   EUR   1.403