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Customs regulations on Cuba

When arriving and when leaving the country the passenger can not carry with him :

- Drugs, narcotics and psicothropic substances or hallucinogen, except those of medical use accompanied by the corresponding physician prescription.
- Explosives.
- Fire arms and ammunitions, unless when submitting the expressed authorization from the appropriate institution.
- Lood products.
- Obscene or pornographic literature, articles and objects, or those publications considered a threat to the general interests of the nation.
- Endangered species registered in the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora in case of not submitting the permit issued by the appropriate authority (CITES permission).

On Export (Exit) a passenger can not carry with him :

- More than three units of the same medicine of national production, except those destined to continued treatment, according to its length of time and accompanied by the Certificate of the Health Center, and in the case of non permanent residents in Cuba of the corresponding Official Invoice.
- National heritage works or with museum value; books, brochures and publications in series dated more than 50 years ago, as well as Editorial "R" books if they do not have the Export Certificate from the Cultural Works Registry.
- Cuban Handmade Cigars in an amount exceeding 50 units not having the Official Invoice from the stored where they were purchased.
- Lobster, in any amount and presentation.
- Cash in an amount exceeding 5000 USD or its equivalent in other currencies that have not been declared when entering the country or not having the corresponding authorization of the Bank.
- More than 100 Cuban National Currency (CUP) or more than 200 Cuban Convertible Pesos (CUC)
- Pieces and collections with numismatic value not submitting the Authorization of the Numismatic Museum or the Central Bank of Cuba.
- If you acquire fresh paintings and sculptures in the points where they are sold, make sure that they have the Seal which autorices their Export or request the corresponding Permit indispensable requirement to take them out of the country.